Tweet Chat Assignment

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the class scheduled Tweet Chats. They didn’t line up with my schedule.  However, I’ve done a little research about Tweet Chats and have found that they can be quite helpful in not just the classroom setting but in other circumstances as well. According to what I found online (at there are many different types of scheduled tweet chats in just about any category scheduled every day at certain times.  All you have to do to participate in a tweet chat is to include the specific hashtag into your conversation, then everyone participating should be able to see your post. I think this is a great tool for many reasons. This website in particular looks at it from a small business point of view.  I can see that it could greatly be beneficial if you owned a small business to be on twitter.  Tweet chats could help you connect to your customers or other small business owners who could help you out.  Tweet chats can be used for many other types of meetings where a face-to-face encounter isn’t needed or even possible. People from different countries and different places throughout the globe can participate in a board meeting, for example, without actually having to see one another. It could also be a great way to promote your business. Through the use of hashtags in twitter chat, your business could reach a HUGE audience. This is great advertising.  Overall, I think tweet chatting is a good thing and can be great in a lot of ways. 


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