Professional Social Networking

For this assignment I chose a social networking site that specializes in creative professionals. I was hoping to find one that specializes JUST in Graphic Design, but I didn’t really find anything. This was the next best thing.  It’s called Creative Hotlist and it basically covers any career field as a creative professional in art or similar field. Graphic Design falls into that category. Here is the URL:

I did sign up on the site so I could experience a fuller spectrum of what the site has to offer for someone looking for a Graphic Design job in this area.  I’ll have to say, I wasn’t very impressed.  As I’ve found on other non-career specific job hunting sites, it is VERY hard to find a Graphic Design job that is in the Cana/Mount Airy area. Most good graphic design jobs that are offered on this particular website are around large cities like Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, and one or two for Winston-Salem.  I’m just afraid that this site is not well known enough by the right people around here for there to be many job postings nearby. There are also no group discussions that I can tell. Though, for $8.99 you can get a premium account and I imagine (and I would hope) that there may be some group discussions included with that, but I’m not going to pay for that when there are plenty of sites out there that are free.

The only way I can see for there to be any connections with other people is some company responding to your resume that is posted.  That said, I don’t see anywhere to connect with other professionals either.

One thing that site offers that other job sites may not offer is you can search for freelance (temporary) work if needed. There are plenty of people out there that are only looking for a job for a short while and not wanting to be tied down by a full time job.  You can post a resume stating that you are only looking for freelance work and Creative Hotlist

I would rank this site a 2 on a scale of 5, only because I really didn’t feel like there was much of anything very helpful on it since we live in a sort of rural area and all the jobs on there for Graphic Design were at least 30-40  miles away.


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