Tutorial 6 Review Assignment

Stephanie Creed

WEB 110


Tutorial 6 Review Assignment:

  1. I think that McAfee would be a great choice for Fiona’s computer protection. If she gets the McAfee Live Safe it protects against all sorts of things that she is looking for. Here is what it does: protects against viruses and malware, optimizes your PC, and protects your family, blocks spam and dangerous email (phishing would be included in this category), protects against hackers and thieves, and protects your social network. It even safeguards your smartphones and tablets, manages all your devices from one place, there is unlimited number licenses for all the devices you own, password manager is included as well as secure cloud storage and access to McAfee Security Advisors. This actually does most of what these other things in this assignment are going to do. This would be a good one-stop-shop. I actually use McAfee on my computer at home and work and I’ve found that it works very well. It has saved me from several viruses and such.  I’ve had Norton before and I didn’t seem as impressed with it.  It almost seemed as if my computer got worse while using it.  McAfee is the way to go!
  2. As far as Adware, spyware, and malware go, I would probably recommend using the Ad-ware Free Antivirus. First plus, it’s FREE. It’s also got many of the qualities that I think would help out Fiona. What McAfee doesn’t protect, it looks like this covers it. It has download protection, game mode (this allows you to play games and watch movies without being disturbed – quite the handy feature).  It also has safe browsing mode, Legendary (and award winning as so claims their website) Antispyware, real-time protection, pin-point scanning, and a malware sandbox emulator.  All this sounds like a pretty good deal for free if you ask me.  The other service costs money.
  3. For firewall protection, it just depends on how extensive Fiona wants to be. If she’s looking for something for someone on a budget she might could try just the free version of Zone Alarm. It is a software that you download onto your computer. If she’s looking for something a little more heavy duty, she might want to try the Barracuday NG Firewall unit.  This is a device that that acts as your firewall protection against threats.
  4. The McAfee antivirus software that’s talked about earlier mentions that it has a password manager on it, so there’s a chance Fiona wouldn’t even need any other program for password managing. But, if I had to recommend one, I would have to choose LastPass. It seems as if it might actually be worth getting. And it has a free version. It seems like it actually works on your keeps engriptions going for your password and changes them for you if needed (according to what I read). The other site Single Sign On sounds a little sketchy to me.  I’m not sure I would want to sign on with one password for everything.  At least with LastPass it seems like it’s constantly working to help your password stay encrypted.

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