Cosmo Learning

  • Name of tool & hyperlink URL: Cosmo Learning
  • Classification of tool-from the column headings in the worksheet: Video Learning
  • Summary overview of the tool including how the tool can be effectively used: this tool is effective in storing all sorts of videos where you can learn many things.  There are videos on linear algebra, financial markets, and things like the Overview of the Petroleum industry. There are many different types and categories of videos to choose from
  • Review-your thoughts & opinion of the tool: This tool proved to be pretty cool. I spent several minutes searching and watching videos that I found were interesting.
  • Instructions how to use the tool: It’s pretty simple. There really is no need for an account if you’re just going there to watch videos.  You go to the site, pick out a category or choose a video to watch. It then brings it up in a separate page for you to watch.

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